Fine Dining & Private Events

Our Traditional Meatballs
Ground Veal, Pork and Beef, Slow Braised in Tomato Sauce, Finished with Fresh Ricotta
Beef Carpaccio
Thin Slices of Beef Tenderloin, Rye Crisps Crumbs, Horseradish Cream
Frank's Clams Posilipo
Little Neck Clams in Red Sauce
Burrata Cheese with Arugula & Roasted Peppers
Aged Balsamic, Anchovies, EVOO
Baked Clams
Little Neck Clams, Seasoned Bread Crumbs, Lemon
Calamari Pepperoncini
Fried Squid Tossed in Pepperoncini Sauce



Burrata Cheese, Prosciutto di Parma, Soppressata, Roasted Peppers, Mixed Olives, Cornichons, Focaccia

Caprese Salad
Burrata Cheese, Heirloom Tomatoes, Aged Balsamic, Basil & EVOO
Caesar Salad
Shaved Parmesan, Herb Crusted Croutons, Classic Dressing
House Salad
Iceberg Lettuce, Tomatoes, Celery, Olives, Red Onion, House Vinaigrette



Cured Meats & Italian Cheeses, Imported Olives, Marinated Vegetables, Mostards, Pepperoncini, Focaccia



Choice of House Red or White Wine

House Salad

Beef Ribs, Pork Braciole, Meatballs & Sweet Sausage Slow Braised in Succulent Blend of San Marzano Tomatoes, Served With Your Choice of  Penne, Spaghetti, Linguini or Rigatoni


*Only  Offered on Sunday, Limited Availability


Ricotta Gnocchi - "Housemade Edible Pillows" Vodka
Ricotta Gnocchi - "Housemade Edible Pillows" Pesto
Ricotta Gnocchi - "Housemade Edible Pillows" Pomodoro
Paglia E Fienno
Straw and Hay Pasta, Prosciutto, Peas, Cream
Lobster Raviolii
Pomodoro | Vodka
Black Linguini with Shrimp & Calamari
Roasted Peppers, Red Pepper Flakes, Garlic, Aged Ricotta Salata
Mezzi Rigatoni with Broccoli Rabe & Sausage
EVOO & Garlic
Tonnarelli Cacio E Pepe
Parmesan, Pecorino & Black Pepper
Pappardelle with Wild Mushroom Ragu
Cream, Parmesan, White Truffle Oil
Linguini & Little Neck Clams
Garlic, White Wine, Red Pepper Flakes, Parsley, Red or White Sauce
Spaghetti Meatball
Spaghetti Bolognese
Spaghetti Pomodoro


Pan-Seared Bone-In Chicken Thigh, Italian Sausage, Bell Peppers, Potatoes, Shery Jus



Piccata or Marsala Scalopinne with Chicken
Choice of Pasta with Piccata or Marsala Sauce
Piccata or Marsala Scalopinne with Veal
Choice of Pasta with Piccata or Marsala Sauce
Chicken Parmesan
Breaded Chicken Breast, Melted Mozzarella, Spaghetti Pomodoro
14 oz. New York Strip Steak
Roasted Potatoes, Red Wine Demi Glace
Veal Chop Grilled
Hand Pounded & Breaded with Choice of Salad, Pasta or Vegetables
Veal Chop Parmesan
Hand Pounded & Breaded with Choice of Salad, Pasta or Vegetables
Veal Chop Milanese
Hand Pounded & Breaded with Choice of Salad, Pasta or Vegetables
Shrimp Sauteed with Leeks & Prosciutto
Maple Demi Glace
Agro Dolce - Sweet & Sour Vinegar Sauce Pork Chop
Hot & Sweet Cherry Pappers
Agro Dolce - Sweet & Sour Vinegar Sauce Veal Chop
Hot & Sweet Cherry Pappers
Roast Half Chicken
Salsa Verde, Crush Fried Potatoes
Eggplant Rollatini
Fresh Mozzarella & Ricotta Cheese, Pomodoro Sauce
Pan Seared Halibut
Salmoriglio Sauce, Roasted Root Vegetables, Tomato Confit
Savory Prosecco Zabaglione Sauce


Sauteed Vegetable
Foraged Mushrooms
Broccoli Rabe
Eggplant Fries
Roasted Potatoes

Please inform your server of any allergies or dietary restrictions.

The consumption of raw of uncooked eggs, meat, poultry, seafood, or shellfish may increase your risk of food borne illness.

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